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In January the Civic Society continued its campaign to ensure that the visual appearance of the roof of the Winter Gardens was not disfigured with air conditioning/ventilation ducting. This especially relevant to the appearance from the High Street and the Promenade. (17/P/0022/F)

Also in January the Society was pleased to support the North Somerset Councils’ application to remove a section in centre of wall separating Weston Town Square and Italian Gardens and the removal of sections from either end of the wall. This followed on from the Civic Society participation in the stakeholder meeting with owners of adjacent business, Weston-super-Mare Town Council, Weston Town Centre Partnership and Heritage England to discuss possible layouts and future requirements for the Town Square/Italian Gardens with the consultants BDP. (17/P/0141/FGRANTED

In February an objection was raised to the pre planning application to build either a detached dwelling or extension in the garden of 28 Grove Park Road. The Civic Society is fully adverse to infill developments within the Birnbeck Conservation Area or any other Conservation Area especially when we are aware that such designations are risk due to development that has been allowed to take place in the past. (17/P/0232/PRE) REMOVED FROM WEBSITE

March was a busy month. an objection was raised over the plan to locate a plaster board recycling plant at the former Research Station,Hutton Moor Lane as the proposal was  totally inappropriate for the location.The site is very close to the residential area of Heywood Village which is expanding to include more housing, a school and other community assets.(17/P/0249/F

Support was given to the application from 8 Albert Quadrant to demolish the existing bathroom block and erect a two storey side extension and renovate the roof.   The proposal to replace the block with an extension contemporary with the original Victorian house and also repair and reinstating the truncated chimneys was welcomed. (17/P/0467/FGRANTED

An objection was raised against the proposal to use selected lampposts for fixed advertising banners on the seafront as it would downgrade the experience of those using it. (17/P/0522/ADV). REFUSED

A comment was made with regard to the application for 1 Bournville Road. The proposal was to create a single family dwelling, however the detail showed there were to be of five bedrooms with en suite. This suggested other possible uses. The proposed building materials were not considered to be suitable and more use of stone was recommended. (17/P/0543/F)  GRANTED with requirement that the external walling and window materials shall match those in the existing building.

In April an objection was made for the demolition of existing buildings at Lynton House in Madeira Road and the erection of 40 self-contained flats. Although the design of the modern building was considered acceptable the lack of any car parking was considered unacceptable.(17/P/0593/F) REFUSED

Also in April the application was welcomed in broad terms for the erection of a block of 6 flats and a separate house at 23 Montpelier. It was considered that the plan acknowledged the scale, siting and choice of materials as being appropriate for its location with the Conservation Area. Concern was expressed over the arrangement of the boundary wall, pillars and associated railings and width of the vehicular access.(17/P/0659/F) REFUSED

An objection was raised for the proposal to raise the height of stone garden wall from 1.09 metre to 2 metre at 21 Clarendon Road. There were many Victorian properties in the area with a similar arrangement where the sole garden space fronts directly on to the public pavement. It was considered that a very unwelcome precedent would be set within an area characterised by low stone boundary walls. (17/P/0678/F). Application WITHDRAWN

May started with a strong objection to the application for the erection of large rear extension and demolition of the stone boundary wall at 43 Boulevard. The rear extension was considered over intensive and removed all external amenity areas for the future users of this fine and handsome building. There was a demeaning effect on the environment with the loss of boundary walls. (17/P/0868/F) GRANTED but revised application showed retention of wall.

After a quiet period in August the society objected to the detail of the proposed extension to the Royal Hotel. Whilst accepting that a modern/contemporary approach to the design of an extension to a listed building can, if handled sensitively, be successful. However in this instance it considered that little thought has gone into how such a modern approach can reflect and harmonise with the architectural qualities of the listed building and provide Weston with a building of architectural merit. (17/P/1721/F) TO BE UPDATED

Also in August an objection was raised against the erection of a garage with deck above at 23 Cecil Road, an attractive Victorian stone house fronted by a stone wall. The proposal was to build a similar garage to the two connected to the modern neighbouring property with the loss of a portion of the fine stone wall in the Boulevard/Montpelier Conservation Area.(17/P/1838/F) REFUSED

In the same month an objection was raised for the extension of existing dropped kerb and creation of a gravel parking area at 3 Ridgeway Avenue. The society considered granting the request would necessitate the demolition of the hand crafted stone linear walling. This would likely lead to further applications which would destroy the structured appearance of Ridgeway Avenue. (17/P/1867/F) GRANTED

At the beginning of September the society was pleased to support the application from Christ Church in Montpelier to alter the width of main entrance gates to the site. The design work and attention to detail was highly commendable.(17/P/1934/F) GRANTED

Also in September an objection was made to the application to erect two semi-detached two-bedroom houses at the land to the rear of 4 Beaconsfield Road.  A two storey infill fully visible from the road should not be permitted as it no longer maintains the grandeur and scale of the original Victorian Villa. In addition the proposed ‘self-coloured render’ was a wholly inappropriate material choice, given that the surroundings comprise a mixture of grey limestone and bath stone detailing. (17/P/1980/F) REFUSED

In November the society objected to aspects of the conversion and remodelling of property at 26 Bristol Road Lower. The loss of one quarter of the recessed balconies on the West elevation constitutes a negative impact on the appearance of the building. The removal/infill of this section of the balconies leaves an incongruous composition. (17/P/2373/F) WITHDRAWN

Also in November objections were raised against proposals of change of use in both Meadow Street and Orchard Street from commercial to residential. The area of Meadow Street/Orchard Street is under considerable threat for a variety of reasons both social and economic. There is an absence of any coherent policy that can guide and influence the long term success of the area.  (17/P/2339/F), (17/P/2380/F) and (17/P/2381/F) APPROVED

The last objection in of the year was to the appearance when viewed from the Bridgwater Road (A370) of the proposed new development of the Health and Active living skills centre at the Weston College University Campus in Loxton Road. It was believed that for motorists entering Weston, who have left primarily countryside would be met by a development which looked like an industrial shed. (17/P/2636/F) APPROVED







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