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The first objection of 2018 by Civic Society was to the demolition of the front boundary wall at 47 Beach Road. This was based on the principle that original boundary walls should be retained and that parking within the original front garden should not be permitted particularly in Conservation Areas. Such actions seriously undermine the urban fabric and erode the sense of public/private space.  (18/P/2374/FUL) REFUSED

Also in March an objection was made over some of the detail of the change of use of first and second floors from offices to residential and the construction of third floor at roof level to create a total of 12 two bedroom flats at Union House in the High Street.The submitted floor plans did not include any form of refuse/recycling facilities the provision of which is a mandatory requirement. The bike storage positioned at a half landing level made its usage doubtful. A major concern was the inappropriate architectural styling of the proposed additional storey to that type of building. The blank brick wall, punctuated by small window openings did not acknowledge the building’s original design intent. (17/P/5524/FUL)

March continued with an objection to the proposal to the dormer extension of the loft conversion at 196 Milton Road. It was considered the box like structure would do much harm to the appearance of the road and will be very visible due to the open space between no 196 and the neighbouring property. (18/P/2220/FUH) REFUSED

In May a revised application was submitted for the extension to the Royal Hotel and changes to the level of the raised lawn over the proposed car park thus retaining the listed Royal Hotel with a plinth was welcomed. The modification of the window design on the north elevation was also welcomed so that the extension no longer appears as an extension to the recently constructed Law College building. In addition improvements had also been made on the south elevation with patio doors on the ground floor, a combination of stone pier and plinths, hedging and metal fencing providing segregation from Spider Lane. Another positive was the reduction in the number of materials on the East elevation and a better vertically ordered ratio of solid to void on the existing building. Unfortunately the society’s previous comments relating to the proposed heavy grey finish and yet another protruding glazed café/restaurant, although not so protruding, were not taken into account. However, in summary the CS accepted that improvements had been made to this modern/contemporary approach to the design of an extension to a listed building and it considered it did harmonise better than the original design with the architectural qualities of the listed building. (17/P/1721/F Update) APPROVED

Also in May the Civic Society objected to the proposal for a two storey side extension at 5 Ellesmere Road, Uphill. The proposed two storey side extension was very overbearing virtually eliminating the spaces between the buildings. In addition it was planned to demolish the boundary wall to the property a remove a section of the grass verge to provide three car parking spaces.  The CS considers the granting of the request would increase the likelihood of further applications to replace front gardens and remove verges thus destroying the structured appearance of this pleasant road. (18/P/2896/FUH). A revised proposal was submitted which reduced the parking from three to two cars but the fundamental objection still stood.(18/P/2896/FUH- Updated) APPROVED

The last objection for May was to the application for a two storey side extension at 37 Mayfield Avenue. Mayfield Avenue is a coherent piece of post war planning and retains the original design intentions and the layout remains intact.  The proposed extension was overlarge, overbearing and strives to ignore its impact on the neighbouring properties and the general ordered ambience of the Avenue. (18/P/3019/FUH)


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