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Civic Society Objects to Change of Use in Orchard Street

09 November 2017

An objection was raised for the change of use of 49/51 Orchard Street from a commercial premise into dwellings.  There is no formulated plan for the Orc...

Civic Society Objects to Loss of Balconies

01 November 2017

The Civic Society objects to aspects of the conversion and remodelling of property at 26 Bristol Road Lower. The loss of one quarter of the recessed balconie...

Civic Society Objects to Change of Use in Meadow Street

30 October 2017

The Civic Society has objected and commented on the application for a change of use from commercial retail unit into a residential dwelling at 76 - 80 Meadow...

Civic Society Objects to Development at 4 Beaconsfield Road

06 September 2017

The society objected to the application to erect two semi-detached two-bedroom houses at the land to the rear of 4 Beaconsfield Road.  A two storey infi...

Civic Society Supports New Entrance to Christ Church in Montpelier

05 September 2017

The Civic Society is pleased to support the application to alter the width of main entrance gates at   Christ Church in Montpelier. The design work...

Civic Society Objects to Extending Parking at 3 Ridgeway Avenue

01 September 2017

The CS considers granting this request to extend the existing dropped kerb and create a gravel parking area would necessitate the demotion of the hand crafte...

Civic Society Objects to Garage Plan for 23 Cecil Road

30 August 2017

The proposal to build a similar garage to the two connected to the adjacent 21b Cecil Road would require the loss of a portion of the fine stone wall in the ...

Civic Society Objects to Plans for Royal Hotel Extension

18 August 2017

The society accepts that a modern/contemporary approach to the design of an extension to a listed building can, if handled sensitively, be successful. Howeve...

Planning Committee Refuse Adverts on the Seafront

15 June 2017

The was an application to use selected lampposts on the seafront for fixed advertising banners. The Civic Society mobilised sufficient objections to force th...

Grove Park Pergola Opened

12 May 2017

On Friday 12th May the new pergola in Grove Park was opened.   The picture shows members of the Civic Society with representatives of Weston S...

Civic Society Comments on 43 Boulevard

02 May 2017

A strong objection to the application for the erection of large rear extension and demolition of the stone boundary wall at 43 ...

Civic Society Comments on Lynton House

28 April 2017

The Civic Society would clearly like to see this site redeveloped from its current dilapidated state following fire damage and ...

Civic Society Comments on 23 Montpelier

19 April 2017

The Civic Society welcomed in broad terms the erection of a block of 6 flats and a separate house at 23 Montpelier. It was cons...

Civic Society Objects to Increase in Height of Boundary Wall

19 April 2017

An objection was raised over the application to raise the height of stone garden wall from 1.09 metre to 2 metre at 21 Clarendo...

Civic Society Objects to Lamppost Adverts on Seafront

22 March 2017

An objection was rased against the  proposal to use selected lampposts for fixed advertising banners as it will cheapen th...

Civic Society Comments on 1 Bournville Road,

22 March 2017

The application was to create a single family dwelling however the detail showed there were to be of five bedrooms with en suit...

Civic Society Objects to Plaster Board Recycling Plant

21 March 2017

The Civic Society objected to the plan to locate a plaster board recycling plant at the former Research Station,Hutton Moor Lan.

Civic Society Comments on 8 Albert Quadrant

10 March 2017

The Civic Society supported the application from  8 Victoria Quadrant to demolish their  existing fairly non-descript ‘bathroom block’ ...

Civic Society Comments on Pre Application

03 March 2017

The Civic Society commented on a pre-application approval to build either a detached dwelling or a house extension at 28 Grove Park Road.

The Civic...

Civic Society Supports Town Square Changes

31 January 2017

The Civic Society (CS) was pleased to be asked to participate in the sessions to discuss possible layouts and future requirements for the Town Square/Italian...

Civic Society Objects to an Application to Demolish a Villa.

28 January 2017

The Civic Society strongly objects to the proposal to demolish 60 Bristol Road Lower and replace it with 3 blocks of flats. The property is a fine example of...

Civic Society has Concerns Over Visual Impact of Proposed Changes to Winter Gardens

28 January 2017

The above picture is the current plant on the roof of the Winter Gardens which cannot be seen from ground level. There are plans to install a new ventilation...

Town Square Design Revealed

21 December 2016

WORK TO START ON TRANSFORMING TOWN SQUARE   Work to transform a key public space in the heart of Weston-super-Mare town centre is ...

Looking Up - The Architecture of Weston

15 December 2016

A new b...

Civic Society Response to Town Centre Regeneration Consultation

15 December 2016

The  Civic Society considerd the document was well presented and supported most of its content.  It welcomed that one of the main themes was &ldquo...

Civic Society Objects to Residential Extension in Coombe Road

21 November 2016

The application to build a first floor residential extension above four garages ignores the now established building line and in doing so compromises t...

Birnbeck Pier Community Learning Center

09 November 2016

As a major part of Weston-super-Mare's history and d...

Town Centre Regeneration Consultation

07 November 2016

Draft supplementary planning document North Somerset Council have written a...

Civic Society Comments on the Revised Plan for the Winter Gardens

18 October 2016

When the original application was published for the Weston College plans for the Winter Gardens the Civic Society commented on the need to improve the ...

Civic Society Comments on 1-3 Alexandra Parade

12 September 2016

The use of the vacant second floor office space for residential use is generally welcomed although bein...

Civic Society Comments on the Conversion of the Raglan Arms

11 September 2016

The Civic Society welcomes investment in the Raglan Arms to improve the quality of the immediate environment although i View Full Story >>

Civic Society Objects to Conversion of 3 Hatfield Road into Flats

11 September 2016

Hatfield Road is a pleasant and intact Victorian environment characteristically defined by the generous space between the semi-detached villas and the handso...

Civic Society Comments on Shopfront Renovation at 3 Boulevard

11 September 2016

This application follows on from a previously withdrawn application to convert this former Est...

Civic Society Supports the Conversion of Old Print Works

29 August 2016

The Civic Society is pleased to support the planning application to convert the old print factory in Gloucester Street into 6 town houses with parking....

Civic Society Objects to 10 Centre Planning Application

23 August 2016

Much effort and co-operation amongst the owners has been expended in brightening up The Centre and in doing so reinforcing its Art Deco origins. The or...

Civic Society Objects to Regent Planning Application

20 July 2016

The Civic Society has objected to the replacement of the existing advertidment on the Regent with an illuminated version with a clock (16/P/1592/ADV).&...

Dolphin Square - Then & Now

19 July 2016

As the Dolphin Square ...

Weston Hazy Days - A Style Change

18 July 2016

A video of the recent Hazy Days event is now online - https://www.youtub...

Planning Update

09 July 2016

During the first half of 2016 the Civic Society has submitted objections to 6 planning applications which have been shown under Latest News. We now bring you...

Civic Society Objects to Linton Hotel Planning Application

20 June 2016

In principle the redevelopment of this dilapidated site is welcomed and the the reconstruction to the original detail of the facades of the two villa f...

Civic Society Objects to 3 Boulevard Planning Application

18 June 2016

The Civic Society has objected to the change of use from an Estate Agency to3 flats at 3 Boulevard. It is conside...

Birnbeck Regenetation - A Statement

18 May 2016

At the 'Regeneration of Birnbeck' meeting on 17 May Richard Griffin of the Birnback Regeneration Trust stated that North Somerset Counc...

Civic Society Objects to 15 Southside Planning Application

16 May 2016

Then Civic Society has objected to a planning application for a development in the rear garden of 15 Southside (16/P/0570/F). For this to take place there would

The Ideas Festival - 16 April

07 April 2016

Do you live or work in the centre of Weston-super-Mare and have ideas about how you wo...

North Somerset Site Allocations Plan (Consultation Draft)

10 March 2016

<p>Message from North Somerset Council Consultations</p> <p>Dear Sir or Madam</p> <p><str...

What's Happening in Weston-super-Mare?

10 March 2016

A random list of things happening in Weston<...

Civic Society Objects to Ashcombe Road Planning Applications

22 February 2016

The Civic Society has objected to two recent a planning applications in Ashcombe Park Road (16/P/0340/F) and Milton Road (16/P/0395/F). &...

Civic Society Objects to a 'House in Multiple Occupancy'

01 February 2016

The Civic Society has objected to a planning application to change a Guest House at 49 Walliscote Road in...

A Creative Hub for Weston

27 January 2016

A major regeneration programme is underway in Weston town centre and a key part of this is a recognition of the creative sector industrie...

Funding boost for Weston town centre regeneration

15 January 2016

North Somerset Council has been awarded £700,000 by the Government to boost development in the centre of Weston-super-Mare. 

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